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Aqua Aerobics Classes

Aqua aerobics classes are held at some State Swim schools, in the comfort of our indoor, heated pools. Aqua aerobics classes are a great alternative to higher impact gym classes, and provides swimmers with a fun, group training session.

Here are 3 reasons you should try aqua aerobics classes: 

1) Increased fitness. Swimming improves flexibility, muscle tone, muscular balance, endurance, and the body’s circulation.

2) It's good for your mind. A workout releases endorphins and uses cortisol, boosting your mood. Enjoy reduced pain perception, reduced stress, ward off anxiety and promote better sleep.

3) Aqua Aerobics classes are low impact, perfect for those with injuries or joint issues. In waist deep water, the body handles only 50 percent of its weight. At chest height, the number is reduced to approximately 25-35 percent.

To find out about whether your closest location offers Aqua Aerobics please contact us