Environment and Safety in State Swim Schools

With over 40 years experience in the aquatic education industry and the construction of at least 10 swim schools, we know exactly how to provide a safe and clean environment in our aquatic education facilities. At every State Swim school the families who learn to swim with us enjoy spotlessly clean facilities that are perfectly maintained, well organised, safe and impeccably supervised at all times.


We present our customers with a pleasant learning environment with every swim school well maintained and thoroughly cleaned before every session. All State Swim Schools have a Maintenance Team responsible for keeping everything clean, safe and running smoothly.

UV Treatment

As we continually improve our swim schools, we have installed state of the art and environmentally friendly UV water purification systems that mean fresher and cleaner water without the strong smell of chlorine.

Ultra Violet light is similar to using the rays of the sun for water purification and is the most natural method with no chemicals and no risk.
The UV System does not eliminate the use of chlorine totally because our health regulations require us to maintain a constant level of chlorine. However using UV reduces the level of a chlorine by-product Chloromines, which is evident in chlorinated water and this dramatically reduces or eliminates the chlorine smell.

For swimmers, this means:

  • Gentler on babies skin
  • No more red eyes and skin irritations
  • Better environment for asthmatics
  • Fresher and cleaner water
  • Reduced wear on bathers
  • Friendlier to the environment

Pool Water Monitoring

The water in our swim schools is tested up to 6 times a day using the latest photometer water testing equipment to ensure our swim schools are not only comfortable to swim in, but meet with the strictest of health guidelines.

Pool Heating

At all our swimming schools, pools are heated to 32 degrees to keep swimmers as comfortable as possible during swimming classes. To do this efficiently we use heat pumps designed specifically for the aquatic industry. Heat pumps allow us to be far more accurate with our heating and also more efficient than gas or electric heaters.

Air Ventilation and Heating

We make sure plenty of fresh air is always pumped onto the pool deck so everyone is comfortable at our swim schools. In summer fresh air is blown into one end of the pool area and exhausted through the opposite end. In cooler weather we can heat this air and deliver it into the pool area the same way, keeping swimmers warm and reducing condensation.


While our UV systems greatly reduce chlorine and eye irritations we recommend all swimmers wear goggles with their name written in bold on the head band. Most children will close their eyes under the water if they don't have goggles and that makes learning more difficult. All our swim schools have a swim shop carrying a large range of suitable goggles at reduced prices and our team will recommend the best pair for your child.