Welcome to My Swim Zone. My Swim Zone is a safe, fun and educational zone for you and your children to take an interest in their achievements and follow their swimming progress.

Q. How do I log on?

A. Go to our website www.stateswim.com.au and click on the My Swim Zone link

Q. What do I do if I don't have a swipe card?

A. Please speak to the Customer Service Officer and they will arrange for a swipe card to be assigned.

Q. What is my password the first time I log in?

A. Your initial password is the same as your swipe card, you will then get a prompt to enter your own Password. Eg: SSS12345 or 1234 SSH with spaces and letters included. Please note they are case sensitive.

Q. What if I have a query about My Swim Zone.

A. There is a email link on the log in page and also a link on the Homepage of your Swim Zone. You can also ask at reception.

Q. How can I access My Swim Zone?

A. Go to www.stateswim.com.au and click on the Link OR type in myswimzone.stateswim.com.au, then type in your swipe card number in the username and password and follow the instructions on the My Swim Zone page

Q. Can I access My Swim Zone from a Tablet or Smartphone?

A. Yes you can. Tablets look exactly the same as the computer version. The Smartphone version is slightly different due to space on the Smartphones.

Q. When will my Merits and Certificates show in My Swim Zone?

A. All merits and certificate information is updated over night, so you can view your merits and certificates the following morning.

Q. Will I still receive Merits and Certificates at Swimming?

A. Yes, you will still receive a Hard Copy of your Merits and Certificates at swimming.

Q. Can I print off my completed Merits or Certificates?

A. Yes, you will be able to download your certificate onto your PC then print it off on your home printer or from a tablet if you have an compatible printer.

Q. Can I view my previous merit certificates that I have achieved?

A. Yes, you can access all previous merit certificates that you have completed.

Q. When will my Super Swim times be updated onto My Swim  Zone?

A. Super Swim times will be available within five working days of the Super Swim.

Q. Will My Swim Zone show my Personal Best count?

A. Yes it will. Your count will be displayed in My Best Swim Times on the My Swim Zone page.

Q. Can I print downloadable documents from the Notice board?

A. Yes you can, if there is an attachment on the Notice board, you can download it onto your computer and print to your home or office computer.

Q. How do I add photos of myself onto My Swim Zone?

A. You can add pictures of yourself by clicking on the 'My Photo' tab on the left hand side of the screen. Then click on the 'Add Photos' tab which will be located at the top of the screen. Selected the photos you wish to upload and select open. The photo will then load on to the My Photo's page.

You can also delete any photos and move the photos around.

Q. Can I follow State Swim on Face book or Twitter?

A. Yes, by clicking on the 'Like' button under State Swim on Face book, you will be able to follow State Swim on Face book, please remember to ask Mum and Dad as you need to be 13 years old to have Facebook.

Q. Can I share My Progress with family and friends?

A. Yes, you can share your progress with any one you choose. ie Grandparents, Auntie & Uncles. Select the 'Share My Progress' tab on the left hand side of the page, enter the persons email address and name. You can then write a small personal  message in the message box, to complete the message click  'Send Email'.

Q. My Swim Card has been replaced, does this mean My Swim Zone username and password will change?

A. If your Swim Card has been replaced this means your username and password has changed for My Swim Zone. Login with your new Swim Card and follow the instructions on the login page.

Q. Can I preview the next class that I will be swimming in?

A. Yes, you can preview your next class and the learning outcomes of that next class on My Swim Zone.

Q. Can I view what is required of me in my current class and my next class?

Yes, by clicking on the video's in each class you can view a short video of the learning outcomes in each class.