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Learning to Swim Well ... The Best Survival Skill

Learning to Swim Well…The Best Survival Skill 

To ALL Parents and Team Members 
How should our children to learn to swim?


We all agree that it is important that our children learn to swim. 

Perhaps a more important question that needs to be asked is ‘How should our children learn to swim?’


Many organisations, Australia wide, advocate children learning survival skills or life saving skills. Often these skills are misinterpreted as learning to swim. The aim of these skills is for the child to keep their head above water until help arrives, this is NOT learning to swim!!


I have been involved in the Aquatic Education industry from teaching toddlers to adults, coaching athletes and developing our program for just on 25 years. I have seen many programs advocating what is best for our children. Through all of this time I still see no comparison to simply teaching the children to SWIM!!


Through this belief we have developed a comprehensive program that teaches children to swim, not just to be adequate in the water, but to be strong, safe and competent swimmers.


The State Swim way takes children step by step through the often demanding learn to swim process. We make learning to swim achievable by consolidating previously learnt skills whilst introducing new ones to keep challenging our children. I believe this is the best way for children to learn. Next time you are watching your child in a lesson, take note of the consolidating of skills along with the introduction of the next, more difficult skill. This will develop your child’s base skills so as they progress they will not develop bad habits.


The best part about being a strong swimmer is that not only can you swim well, but you also have the strongest survival skill possible.


Remember, if you have any queries about your child’s development, our supervisor staff are on deck to assist you.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to speaking with you again next month.


Kind Regards 

Christian Urry
Managing Director