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State Swim ‘SWIMVAC’ Programme – A Great way to Introduce Your Child to Swimming and the State Swim Programme

With Summer just around the corner, if you have not thought about swimming lessons for your children by now, here is a great opportunity for an intensive block of swimming lessons with State Swim.

The State Swim ‘SWIMVAC’ Programme is designed to give children from Four Years of age and over an intensive block of swimming lessons during the school holidays to give them a head start into Summer. If your child has not done much swimming during the winter, this is a great opportunity to get started.

This September/October School Holidays State Swim have ‘SWIMVAC’ lessons running for two, five day blocks, week one starting on Monday 21st September and finishing Friday 25th September, and week two starting on Monday 28th September and finishing on Friday 2nd October.

Each block of 5 lessons costs $75 ($15 per lesson) and depending on the level of your child there is a maximum of between 4 and 6 students per class.

We also have regular classes for Babies from 6 months and Kindergarten Classes for children aged 21/2 to 4.

For further information contact your local State Swim school.