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Annoucing our newest Swimming School at Butler

State Swim are excited to announce that we will soon be starting construction on our newest aquatic education facility in Butler. We have secured a site on the corner of Landbeach Blvd and Amesbury Loop, Butler. 
Managing Director of State Swim Systems, Christian Urry says "We are very excited about our new facility to be constructed in Butler. We will be building a 20 metre pool in an indoor heated facility to be proud of. The Butler community has a couple of small scale learn to swim pools in the area but our facility, like all of our others, will be a facility the whole community can enjoy. Including state of the art plant and equipment to provide outstanding water quality backed by our professionally trained operations team. In addition, the popular State Swim program including the Swim n Play, 400 Gold and Health and Sport program will be on offer at Butler. We are very proud of our facilities and our program, which we feel are the best in Australia and beyond."
The facility will commence construction prior to Christmas this year and we expect to be up and running during winter next year. We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress and can't wait to become part of the Butler community. Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.