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Why should my child wear goggles?

Wearing goggles is essential to learning to swim well, and the sooner your child becomes confident wearing goggles the better it will be for them in their lesson. You will notice the difference in a child’s swimming by having a pair of well-fitted goggles.

Wearing goggles allows the simmer to confidently see where they are swimming, especially in a lesson where they are asked to swim to a particular point or if they are chain swimming. Goggles increase visibility, reducing how often children swim into each other, and in the long run goggles are better for their eyes.

A few simple things to remember when fitting goggles are; make sure the strap is in place firmly around the back of the swimmer's head, slightly above the ears. The eyepiece needs to be pressed firmly around the swimmer’s eyes to activate the suction and stop water from getting in, and the adjustable nosepiece needs to be altered to fit. There are notches on the nosepiece to make the bridge larger or smaller. We have a large range of goggles in varying sizes available for purchase at our swim shop.

If you are having difficulties fitting your child’s goggles our Instructors will show your child how to put them on and wear them properly. They are also happy to adjust and assist swimmers with any problems they are having with their goggles. 

A tip for parents: Have your child practice using their goggles at home in the bath or shower before they come to their lesson. This will help them get used to wearing them.