• Jo The Tomazin Family

The Tomazin Family on State Swim

"We first stared with State Swim Joondalup in 2006. Our daughter started Waterbabies when she was 6 months old. Since then we have been members for 10 consecutive years.
We have three daughters, Aimee 10, Ava 8 and Grace 6 who all started in Water Babies at 6 months old. Aimee and Ava are now in Team Silver and Grace is in Sharks.
We have had no hesitation in returning year after year, firstly because swimming is such an important skill to have but also because the level of instruction is so high. I (Kerryn) started swimming at a very young age and have had a lot of personal experience being part of swim squads and having swimming coaches (some good,some not so good.) Immediately I was able to tell that the instructors at State Swim were excellent as they expect high standards in terms of technique and stroke correction. Our daughters participate in triathlon events and we are often asked which swim school or club they attend as their technique certainly stands out.
I particularly like how class sizes are kept small in order for more one-on-one attention. I think this is really important as the kids are constantly moving rather than left standing at the end of the lane waiting their turn.
One highlight for us has to be the last State Swim carnival held at Challenge Stadium. We were really able to notice how far the girls had come with their swimming, I will never forget the looks on Aimee and Ava's faces when they found out they had achieved runner up (Aimee) and Champion girl (Ava) in their age groups.
Our girls just love coming to State Swim Joondalup. We are always greeted with a smile and every one knows our names. My husband and I compete in triathlons and have recently completed Ironman Western Australia for the second time. We feel it is so important to set a positive example for our girls in living a happy and healthy lifestyle and letting them know that anything is possible. This is particularly relevant to David as approximately 5 years ago he struggled to swim 25m. He approached Josh about attending State Swim's adult classes. After Josh gave him some helpful hints he was eventually able to achieve his goal of swimming 3.8km around the Busselton Jetty (more than once!)
It has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure to be part of the State Swim family over the last 10 years. Our girls have literally "grown up" in that building. Our eldest, Aimee, has the goal of one day making it to the Olympics, if she does we have State Swim to thank and like we keep telling all our girls "Anything is possible."