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Our Health and Sport Program

Your child may have finished our “400 Gold” program but this does not need to be the end of their swimming journey. State Swim also offers a very popular “Health and Sport” program.

State Swim’s “Health and Sport” program consists of three levels; Team Bronze, Team Silver and Team Gold, with each level introducing different and more advanced training techniques. Swimmers will also further develop their strokes and work on speed, endurance, starts and turns.

Our “Health and Sport” program is great way for swimmers to introduce swimming to their health and fitness routine or to participate in swimming as a sport. Team swimming will help improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, weight loss and flexibility.

Many young swimmers enjoy the energy, comradery and sense of belonging that a team environment provides. State Swim’s team programs also gives swimmers the opportunity to participate in Interschool carnivals or to challenge their personal best times at monthly super swims.

For more information about our “Health and Sport” program contact your nearest school.