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An environment built for optimal learning

To all Parents and Team Members,

One of the reasons why our learn to swim program is so successful is that we provide our swimmers with the best facilities possible to enhance aquatic education. 

Why is the facility where lessons are conducted so important?

Firstly you need a pool which is warm and indoors so that learning can be done all year round. If the water is too cold then a child will spend most of the lesson trying to keep warm rather than concentrating on the skill being taught.

All State Swim Schools have been either purpose built or modified so that we can deliver our program in the best possible way. Our pools are heated to 32 degrees and include full change room and shower facilities. We also regulate the air temperature inside the pool area to ensure that it is comfortable all year round.  

The success of swimmers through the various levels also requires a facility, which allows the swimmer to progress from the early phases of learning to swim right up to the more advanced levels and into squad training.

State Swim pools are designed to cater for every stage of learning.

All our pools have the length required for distance swimming, have a shallow end allowing swimmers to touch the bottom and they also have enough depth for skills such as diving.

We also pride ourselves on offering the best water conditions for swimmers. Our facilities are fitted with the most up to date water filtration and water treatment plants and are equipped with an environmentally friendly water purification system. This results in fresher, cleaner water without the over powering smell of chlorine. Our water is gentler on the skin, better for swimmer’s eyes and great for sufferers of asthma and eczema.

We aim to make our state of the art facilities accessible to as many families as possible.

We currently have 8 State Swim Schools in the Perth Metropolitan area, with our 9th State Swim School opening in Butler in November. State Swim Butler, has been purpose built and will offer our unique State Swim learn to swim program. We look forward to welcoming our new Butler customers to the State Swim community.

Remember, learning to swim is your best survival skill.

Kind regards,

Christian Urry

Managing Director