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Account Management - new features available now

Enjoy the convenience of Udio account management. Pay online for your lessons, view your bookings, move the time and day of your booking, update contact details and much more. 

To set up Account Management

  1. Receive an email

  2. Click on the link

  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions

  4. Create a password 

To set up recurring payments

  1. Click on “Manage your payment cards”

  2. Go to “Add Card”

  3. Enter in your card details

  4. Make sure the “use for automatic payments” is ticked

  5. Click “Add Card.”

  6. It will then take you to a payment settings page, which shows you the card you have just added. 

To unattend a lesson and book a make up lesson

  1. Click on bookings at the top of the page

  2. Click on the child, day and time you can’t attend

  3. Click on “Unable to attend”

  4. Then click on “Cancel Lesson”

  5. You will see the booking has been cancelled for the nominated day

  6. Click on “make up voucher available”

  7. Choose the person the make up voucher will be for

  8. Select a make up lesson day and time

  9. Then click on “Make Booking”

  10. Finally it will take you to “Your Bookings” and you will be able to see the class you cancelled and the make up class you have booked.

To move a booking (time and day)

  1. Click on bookings at the top of the page

  2. Change Bookings

  3. Click on the child that you want to move (you can only move one at a time)

  4. All available sessions will be displayed

  5. Select the booking that suits you best

  6. Select your starting date

  7. Click Proceed

  8. All your Future bookings will be displayed.

  9. You will also receive a booking confirmation email with all the upcoming bookings for all swimmers on the account.