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Adult Swimming Lessons

State Swim’s adult swimming lessons cater for adults of all ages and abilities, with the classes designed for adults only, in a ‘no pressure’ environment where swimmers can learn at their own pace. We have three adult swimming programs:

  1. Adult Learn to Swim
    These adult swimming classes provide swimmers with the opportunity to learn to swim if they are a complete beginner or have limited swimming experience/skills. It is never too late to learn to swim and our friendly, patient instructors will make all swimmers feel safe and enjoy the experience of learning to swim.

  2. Stroke Development
    This class is for adult swimmers who know how to swim but would like to improve or refine their strokes. Often with adults it has been a long time since they have learned to swim, and they may not have been taught a stroke correctly, or may have developed bad habits over the years. Stroke development lessons will address these issues and have you swimming with the correct technique.

  3. Swim for Fit
    This class is for adults who know how to swim, and want to swim for fun and fitness. Swimmers in this class can swim all strokes but would like to know how to make their strokes efficient enough to develop their swimming fitness. For example, a swimmer may be having difficulty with their breathing technique, or would like to learn how to breathe on both sides (bilateral breathing).

Whatever your needs, State Swim will have a program for you.

State Swim also offers adults with other ways of remaining fit and enjoying the water in the form of lap swimming and Aqua Aerobics, for more information on these services please refer to our "Lap Swimming & Aqua" page.

For adult swimming lesson times and availability or for more information about which adult swimming programs will suit you best please contact your nearest centre.