• iPads in the water

Our Swimming Programs

We are pleased to announce the introduction at State Swim, of a new computer software system.

You will be pleased to know that we have been listening to your valuable feedback and we appreciate the time you have spent not only completing our surveys but waiting in lines and being patient with our often very slow system.

The new system has been developed by an independant software company to make things easier for you and our staff, as well as provide features that we have not previously been able to apply.  Over time the system will continue to develop including the implementation of online bookings.

For now, you will see some great improvements such as a faster system, emailing of receipts thus reducing our impact on the environment and the availability of all of your billing and booking history. Plus it is fully integrated with My Swim Zone, meaning every child’s merit, certificate and achievement will be available immediately.

 We thank you once again for your patience and your very valuable feedback