Swimmer of the Month February 2019

Congratulations to all our Swimmers of the Month for February 2019

South Australia


Phi Nguyen (pictured) - Team Silver
Phi recently moved to Silver and is performing very well

Golden Grove

Savannah Harrison - Team Bronze
Savannah gives 100% all of the time and this is showing in her continual improvement with her swimming.  


Caroline Springs

Jaxon Tzounos - Team Bronze
Always tries his best in swimming, displays resilience and a 'can do' attitude


Merina Youkhana - Team Bronze 
Dedication and consistent improvement

Western Australia


Clara Parkman - Team Silver
Clara has shown continual improvement with her swimming and is growing in confidence.
Well Done Clara keep up the good work!

Canning Vale

Shem Ranford - Team Bronze

East Fremantle

Lily Parker - Team Gold
Lily consistently works hard during training session and always strives to improve her stroke


Jaylen Derrick - Team Bronze 
Jaylen is always eager to swim and strives todo his best throughout squads training. 


Ben Weston - Team Bronze
Ben always puts his best effort forward when swimming. If he can't do a set or a stroke due to injury, he never fails to put forward a very good substitution so he can still get the most out training. He is also very supportive to the other swimmers in his squad. If there is something they don't understand, Ben will take the time to help them understand and he also encourages his follow Team members while they are training.


Holly Webb - Team Bronze 
Pushes herself every week, puts in 110% effort each session and shows great passion and dedication towards her swimming.

Osborne Park

Leanne Gwynne - Team Gold
Over the past month Leanne has passed 3 of 4 assessments needed to attain her her Team Gold Certificate. Leanne has shown great dedication to the State Swim program. There is no doubt the future will hold great success for her.

Secret Harbour

Indi Sophia Sucahya - Team Bronze
Indi always strives to do her best each week and is a pleasure to coach.

Whitford City

Aiden King - Team Bronze
As one of our newest members of Team Bronze, Aiden consistently shows improvement in all aspects of his swimming & is always willing to learn new drills & turns