Swimmer of the Month March 2019

Congratulations to all our Swimmers of the Month for March 2019

South Australia


Natasha Tu - Team Bronze
Natasha swims twice a week and continues to work very hard at each session, plus she listens carefully to instructions

Golden Grove
Jaidan Valente - Team Bronze
Jaidan always puts in 100% effort during all training sessions


Caroline Springs

Shirleen Lay - Team Bronze
Shirleen is always smiling at training, puts in 100% effort and is a pleasure to coach


Alex Robis - Team Silver 
Outstanding effort every week. Alex has improved in all aspects of swimming since joining our Teams program and is always happy to be swimming

Western Australia


Ava Palfrey - Team Bronze
Ava is enthusiastic and always takes instruction well, she is a valuable team bronze member. Ava is looked up to by our younger team members.

Canning Vale

Logan Mondi - Team Silver
Logan has impressed everyone with his amazing determination to improve his swimming

East Fremantle

Luke Carrello - Team Gold
Luke always puts in 100% and pushes himself to improve 


Carmen Skidmore - Team Bronze (pictured)


Ella Nelligan - Team Bronze
Over the last month Ella has really pushed herself in her training. Her work ethic has been astounding and she never fails to take feedback onboard and have a smile on her face even when faced with a challenge. Well done Ella, keep it up.


Mia Smith - Team Bronze
Mia is here at 6.30am every Saturday ready to train. She never complains and always tries her best and takes on feedback

Osborne Park

Evie James - Team Silver
Evie's attitude towards training over the past month has been second to none. Evie has tried really hard to improve her freestyle kicking and backstroke technique and it is starting to show in her time. Well done Evie.

Secret Harbour

Fionn Proctor - Team Bronze
Quietly determined, Fionn has had an amazing month and has made progress towards his achievements in Team Bronze

Whitford City

Christopher Downey - Team Silver
Chris has shown major improvement in all aspects of his swimming. This improvement has allowed him to complete the 3 Team Silver achievement times with flying colours