Swimmer of the Month September 2019

Congratulations to all our Swimmers of the Month for September 2019

South Australia


Jed McCaughan - Team Bronze
Jed has shown tremendous improvement in attitude and technique

Golden Grove
Meg Paul - Team Silver
Recently Promoted to Team Silver. Meg always puts in 100% each session and has improved quickly in a short period of time.


Caroline Springs

Ananya Venkatesh-Babu - Team Bronze
Has come a long way since she began squad. She is not far from bigger and better things. Never complains, and has grown into a very competent leader.


Movindhie Gunasekara - Team Bronze
Movindhie has an extremely positive attitude and never gives up trying. Congratulations Movindhie.

Western Australia


Poppy Clarke - Team Bronze
Poppy is consistent with her training and a fantastic team member.

Canning Vale

Dakoda Stent - Team Bronze
For improvement across all strokes and increased dedication.

East Fremantle

Scarlett Ceniviva - Team Bronze
Scarlett has constantly worked so hard to improve her swimming over the last few months

Austin Fort - Team Bronze
Austin made a huge effort to complete everything his coaches has asked him to. He worked very hard to beat one of his assessment times.


Anne Devlin - Team Bronze
Anne never fails to put in a huge amount of hard work and effort in order to improve. Anne is not afraid to ask questions in regards to self-improvement or to help understand the drills/ set the swimmers are given. She is an absolute delight to coach. Keep it up Anne.


Ethan Yap - Team Bronze
Really good at taking on feedback and listening to his coaches. Always eager to learn more and very polite and courteous to everyone.

Osborne Park

Benjamin Freedman - Team Gold
Benjamin has shown great initiative in his training and has taken it upon himself to ensure he brings 100% to each session. As a result he is our newest team gold member! Well done Ben.

Secret Harbour

Erin Thompson - Team Bronze
Erin is a pleasure to coach and give 100% at every session

Whitford City

Christina Edwards - Team Bronze
Christina's polite & warming personality makes her popular with team mates & coaches. She always goes the extra mile & her stroke techniques - especially Butterfly - has improved immensely