Why goggles are so important

Why goggles are so important

The wearing of well designed and well fitting swim goggles during your child’s swimming tuition phase is vitally important.

Firstly it is very important to have good underwater vision, which improves proprioception and awareness of the pool environment and other class members.

Secondly it is of course necessary for swimming facilities to have all the correct levels of water disinfectant to ensure perfect health and hygiene,

State Swim prides itself on having water treatment systems that well exceed health department requirements and we were a leader in installing UV (Ultra Violet) systems in our schools to further enhance water quality and comfort for all our swimmers and team members.

However chemical levels can and often do irritate young children’s eyes and they automatically close their eyes under the water. Closing their eyes can impair progress, imagine learning to ride a bike for example with your eyes closed, swimming skills are difficult enough in the early stages without placing too many hurdles to overcome.

We recommend purchasing your child’s goggles before their first lesson and adjusting them to the correct fit at home, a practise in the bath or hand basin and playing ‘find the toy’ for example is a good idea to have your young swimmer ‘swim ready’ on that first day. 

Let your child select their own goggles, (Colour style etc.) with your help or our friendly counter staff so that they are part of the process.

Good quality goggles if they are well cared for and kept in the provided container will last for many months. And please write your swimmers name on the headband so that they can be identified if left at the school.