200 Silver

200 Silver is the 7th stage in the 400 Gold Program

Max 6 pupils per class / Duration 45 minutes

The ultimate State Swim achievement of swimming 400 metres of non-stop freestyle in State Swim style and graduating from the 400 Gold Program is only one class away!!

The 200 Silver class is also held at the other end of the pool and this is the first time kids will take part in swimming lessons that are 45 minutes in length instead of 30 minutes.

In the 200 Silver class even greater emphasis is placed on freestyle and backstroke distance and technique, and swimmers will now be taught the breaststroke kick and will also learn the complete stroke. 

Once swimmers have completed the required skills and have swum 200m of freestyle non-stop in State Swim Style they will be promoted to 400 Gold lessons. Swimmers are now only one step away from graduating from our 400 Gold Program.


  • Bilateral breathing in Freestyle
  • Advanced Breaststroke development
  • Develop space sharing skills
  • Complete 200m Freestyle swim