Marlins is the third stage in the 400 Gold Program

Max 4 pupils per class / Duration 30 minutes

Kids will be excited about being promoted to the Marlins swimming lessons as now they get to learn the arm stroking part of their freestyle. In Marlins lessons we call the arm stroking a “torpedo with arms.” Performing a “torpedo with arms” requires swimmers to concentrate on their arms and legs at the same time. (Can be tricky sometimes!) However, this is exactly why the stroke is broken up into stages to make sure swimmers have the right foundations before a new skill is introduced. This class is about getting a beautiful arm stroke technique. Swimmers don’t need to think about the breathing in this class (that’s the next class up!!).

Marlins lessons also teach the backstroke arm stroking. Both the “torpedo with arms” and the backstroke arm stroking are basic skills, which are fundamental in developing future swimming skills. Once the required standard is achieved the swimmer is promoted to the Dolphins class.


  • Commence Freestyle arm stroking
  • Commence Backstroke arm stroking