Torpedoes is the second stage in the 400 Gold Program

Max 4 pupils per class / Duration 30 minutes

Learning to swim freestyle is what excites a lot of young swimmers, who up until now have been doing underarm crawl or some form of overarm in their swimming lessons. Kids are promoted to this class by achieving the ‘Glides’ certificate or by graduating from our Kindergarten 2 class. Swimmers now have a streamline position in the water with a nice small kick, allowing the teaching of freestyle.

The Torpedoes class forms the main building block for the teaching of traditional freestyle. Swimmers in these lessons will learn how to perform a “Torpedo” (Freestyle Kick) and will also develop their backstroke kick in preparation for the Marlin class. The ‘Torpedo’ kick is a very important fundamental in learning freestyle, the stronger the kick, the easier it will be for the child when arm stroking is introduced at the next level.


  • Develop Freestyle and Backstroke kicking
  • Develop Torpedo
  • Develop Body Position