Health & Sport Swimming Programs

State Swim's Advanced Swimming Programs

When your child has achieved their 400 Gold Certificate we believe you as a parent, have done your job! Your son or daughter can be considered to be a strong and accomplished swimmer, a skill that will stay with them throughout their lives.

We hope your children have enjoyed achieving this level and most will appreciate and enjoy gaining an affinity with the water.

We also hope that you will have noticed how, whilst your family has been part of our swimming programs, they have also enjoyed the health benefits that swimming can bring.

Swimming is recognised by physical educationalists as one of, if not THE BEST way to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, weight loss and flexibility.

If your child has developed a love of the water during their swimming lessons, enjoyed being part of a Swim Group and likes to be fit then we ask you to consider some time in our Advanced Swimming Program.

State Swim Swimming Schools has THREE levels of swimming lessons in its Health and Sport Program.