State Swim's Make Up Policy

16 June 2016

All State Swim Schools across Australia offer a learn to swim program, which runs all year round, with swimmers being able to start at any time during the month. Students can continue swimming throughout the school holidays allowing continuity and progression through the levels. It also means that parents don’t have to book their children back in at the beginning of every term. Once you have made a booking for a particular day and time that lesson slot remains yours until you inform us otherwise.

Our year round program has the added benefit that we can offer our swimmers with a ‘make up lesson’ (The make up lesson is issued to the child who cannot make their lesson, it can be used as an extra lesson in any month that you have already booked in and has an expiry of three months). This means that if you are unable to attend your normal day and time due to sickness, holidays or for unexpected things which sometimes come up during the week, all you need to do is inform your school that you are unable to attend and organise a make up lesson convenient to you. Customers can also SMS, email or login to Account Management to inform us of not being able to attend. If you login to Account Management to inform us of not attending a lesson, a make up lesson is automatically added to the swimmer’s account, and a make up lesson can also be scheduled online at the same time.

Customers often find that during the week it is difficult to schedule a make up lesson, with make up lessons accumulating. If this is the case, our SWIMVAC Program, which runs every school holidays, is a perfect opportunity to use these make up lessons. SWIMVAC is beneficial to swimmers as it gives them the opportunity for some intensive lessons to either work on skills they are having difficulty with or it gives them the chance to try and move up to the next class.

The flexibility within our program, whereby we offer make up lessons sets us apart from many other swimming schools who either limit the number of make up lessons you can use or do not offer make up lessons at all. Our make up lesson policy encourages swimmers to attend regular lessons, ensures their continual development of skills and steady progression through our classes.

To find out more about State Swim’s Learn to Swim program or our ‘make up lesson’ policy please call your nearest centre for more information.

Kind Regards, 

Christian Urry

Managing Director


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