Swimmer of the Month January 2020

07 February 2020

Congratulations to all our Swimmers of the Month for January 2020

South Australia

Elisha Bull - Team Bronze
Is working very hard to achieve her timed swims. Responds very well to feedback.

Golden Grove
Luca Montelone - Team Gold
Luca is very polite, a good listener, never complains and is respectful of all swimmers.


Caroline Springs
Dante Le - Team  Silver
Has fully committed to his swimming and has achieved goals he would never have dreamt of.

William Oh - Team Bronze
William has worked consistently to improve his technique and speed. He is attentive, enthusiastic and always strives to do his best.

Western Australia

Shyla Sofele - Team Gold
Excellent attitude and a fantastic work ethic. A pleasure to teach!

Canning Vale
Joshua Hardy - Team Gold
For fantastic determination to pass his assessment and move to Team Gold.

East Fremantle
Bethany Hall - Team Silver
For always asking questions and participating in our squad events.

Tory Dennis - Team Silver
Tory continually shows dedication at every training and works hard to beat his own personal goals within squads.

Jessica Lea - Team Gold
After a long break, she has come back with bubbly enthusiasm which is awesome to see. Jess never fails to really push herself and gives 100% on even the most challenging of sessions. She always takes feedback on board and even requests advice on how to improve.

Abigail Yeoh - Team Bronze
She has been putting in 110% effort, and the hard work is paying off. Her technique has improved so much, and this has come down to her putting in her all and doing what is asked of her. Keep it up Abigail; you are on fire!

Osborne Park
Alyssa Dart - Team Bronze
Alyssa has only just joined the teams program in the last month and has trained every day since her inception. Alyssa gives her very best every session making her a great role model for her fellow swimmers.

Secret Harbour
Daniel Crack - Team Bronze
Daniel has shown a great attitude to training this last month, he has pushed himself at every session and has been rewarded by making his 100m IM assessment

Whitford City
Thomas Powell - Team Bronze
Thomas shows great enthusiasm towards his swimming each session. He leads by example by always swimming first in the line without hesitation. Passing his final Bronze test, Thomas has demonstrated his improvement this month.

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