If your child is new to State Swim and has previously had swimming lessons with another swimming lesson provider, a free State Swim assessment ensures your child is placed in the appropriate class for their swimming ability.

These initial assessment runs for 10 minutes and are simply a way to gauge a new swimmer's ability and technique across a range of skills and strokes.

Why do we run these assessments prior to placing your child in a class, instead of simply putting new swimmers in a class with children their own age? Well, at State Swim we do things a little differently.

While other swimming lesson providers run one-size-fits-all, term-based, age-restricted classes with only one opportunity per term for swimmers to progress up a level, the State Swim syllabus allows for "constant assessment". This means that, as our instructors are constantly monitoring their swimmers' development, children progress when they're ready - whether that's after two months or two weeks. As such, two swimmers of the same age could have very different abilities and be at very different levels!

To book your child in for their FREE initial assessment and start them on their way to becoming a stronger, safer swimmer, book online or contact your nearest location now.