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At State Swim, the health and wellbeing of our swimmers, families and team members is our priority. Our schools continue to follow the guidelines provided by state governments; please see the latest settings at your school.

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Kid's Winter Swimming Lessons

At State Swim, we believe winter is the perfect time to build and practise swimming skills. So, whether your child has yet to start learning to swim or is having lessons, take advantage of our Frequent Swimmer*program. You can save 50% on any second lesson booked in the same week between August 1 and October 31 2020.

Why Swim & Save with State Swim this Winter?

Here are four reasons why we recommend your child joins our Frequent Swimmer* program:

  1. Heated pools – We regularly hear, “I’m concerned my child could catch a chill” or “the pool will be too cold, they won’t be able to concentrate”. We share these concerns also that’s why all State Swim indoor pools are heated to a pleasant 32 degrees to ensure swimmers are comfortable and confident.
  2. Get set for summer - We get it. Life as a parent is BUSY, but if your child is yet to start swimming lessons, now really is the time to enrol. Just think of the happy memories you’ll create when you’re on your next family summer holiday and they are confident in and around the swimming pool.
  3. Build momentum – Some swimming techniques are tricky. If your little one needs more practise to master a particular skill, get them booked in for a second lesson each week and help them progress faster.
  4. Flexible bookings - Our flexible monthly payment option means not only will you never miss a lesson with our make up vouchers. It also means you can cancel your booking at anytime without any penalities, keeping swimming flexible for you and your family.

Book Your Frequent Swimmer Lessons Today

To book your lessons, visit our customer portal to sign-up and view our timetable. 

Frequent Swimmer - Book & View Classes

Have a question about our Frequent Swimmer program? Get in touch with your nearest State Swim school today.


* Terms and conditions apply. Ask the State Swim teams for more information.

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