Latest COVID-19 Restrictions

Published Wednesday 18th January 2022 

Our swim schools are open with our regular timetables running and the following COVID safety measures in place: 
- Face masks are required (except when swimming)
- Check-in via app or register on arrival 
Please note safety measures may vary; please ask your school for more information. 

Our Perth schools are still waiting for further clarification regarding the proof of vaccination requirements from 31st January 2022. More information will be communicated when available. 

What to do if you're unable to attend your swimming class? 
To assist your teacher with preparing and planning for your class, please let us know before the start time if you are unable to attend your lesson. Your online account is the fastest way to cancel your booking. If you're unable to cancel using your account, please call your school

Our safety processes are more effective when we all play our part. Please remember to wear your mask when in our centre, and if you or a swimmer feels unwell, cancel your class using your online account and follow the health guidelines. 

For more information, please contact our team

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Kick Start Swim Program

At State Swim, we believe progression is key to children enjoying learning to swim. That’s why we designed our Kick Start program - to help new swimmers kick start their swimming journey.

Our Kick Start Program is offered to all new Glides swimmers, which is the first stage of our eight step 400 Gold program. The swimmer will receive two lessons for the price of one, for one month. Kick Start is designed to help fast track swimmers through gaining extra repetition and practice which is essential for learning new skills.

Why Kick Start?

While Kick Start is not a mandatory program, we do strongly recommend it, especially if it’s a swimmer’s first time having lessons. We have seen many new swimmers benefit from the program as it offers swimmers:

  • A strong start

For children who have never been around water before, the Kickstart program gives a strong introduction to the aquatic environment that can help your child become confident with the basics of water safety quicker and retain that information better.

  • Learning to learn

Swimming twice per week can help your child learn to be a better student. Attending regular swimming lessons can help your child build a stronger relationship with their instructor, which can set the tone of not just their progression through our program, but also through their schooling.

  • Intensive learning

Intensive learning has proven benefits which is why repetition and revision of skills is a fundamental part of the State Swim program. By swimming twice per week, your child has double the opportunity to practice.

  • Water safety – it’s important year-round

Swimming skills are made in the winter! It’s false that swimming lessons are more important for children in summer – they’re important all year round. By swimming twice per week no matter the season, your child will become a stronger, safer swimmer.

Book Your Kick Start Lessons Today

To sign-up to Kick Start simply visit Account Manager and add the class to your regular booking.

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