Learning how to swim is one of the best survival skills you can have

Plan your child's journey with State Swim



Swimming lessons in the Summer

Swimming for fun in summer is great. However, to become stronger, safer swimmers we recommend our swimmers continue with their regular swimming lessons.

Regular lessons

With a regular swimming lesson (we recommend once a week) you will see how quickly swimmers can progress through our classes.


Swimming lessons in the Winter

Swimming in winter is just as important as swimming in Summer. Many summer, water-based activities stop over winter but we recommend swimmers continue with regular lessons.

Practice before Summer

Continuity in your child’s lessons ensures they are steadily progressing and helps them become stronger, safer swimmers for when the warm weather arrives.

Indoors and heated pools

All our pools are indoors and heated to 32 degrees. We also ensure the air temperature is warm for our swimmers and spectators and have change room facilities with warm showers.