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At State Swim, the health and wellbeing of our swimmers, families and team members is our priority. Our schools continue to follow the guidelines provided by state governments; please see the latest settings at your school.

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400 Gold (4 Years +)

Kids Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim - 400 Gold: Stronger, safer swimmers develop strokes

Learn to Swim - 400 Gold is an eight-stage program and the next step for children 4 years and older. Here swimmers build confidence, awareness and progress technical skill competency while working toward the 400m goal: swim 400m of freestyle, non-stop
A skill-based program that is progression focused, swimmers are awarded Certificates at the completion of each of the eight stages, as well as Merit Skill Awards as they achieve core swimming skills. Once a student has graduated from the 400 Gold Program they can enrol in our Teams Program, which offers three advanced-level classes for continued progression. 

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