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SwimVac (Holiday Program)

SwimVac: School Holiday Swimming

SwimVac is our much-loved school holiday program that complements our Learn to Swim – 4OO Gold and Teams (Squads) Programs, making it an effective skill progression exercise for swimmers. The intensive structure of the SwimVac Program creates a unique and rewarding experience for swimmers as they see significant progression in skill and confidence over a short period of time.

Swimmers can book and attend all sessions for the duration of the holiday program (consecutive days), or book one week blocks. SwimVac runs between school terms, usually for two weeks and for four weeks over the Christmas break.

Our SwimVac bookings open 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the SwimVac block.

New to State Swim? Get to know us

For swimmers new to State Swim, the holiday program is a great way to experience our style of teaching and get to know our program structures (and hopefully, come and join us!)


Why SwimVac?

01.Intensive learning

02.Consecutive lessons

03.Small class size

04.Use Make-Up Vouchers

05.Continuity & progress


This program is especially helpful for: new swimmers starting with foundations; swimmers who want to work for specific technical development to fast-track skills; and even swimmers who just want to rediscover the joy of swimming.


Consecutive lessons are key to consolidating learning, and inspires significant and lasting results.


Our class sizes remain small to ensure swimmers receive hands-on instruction. This ensures your child gets the most out of their swimming lessons.


Current State Swim Swimmers: you can use your Make-Up Vouchers on SwimVac!


Build on your SwimVac experience: just keep swimming! Our Teachers recommend that after your Holiday Program, aim to swim a minimum of once per week in either Learn to Swim – 4OO Gold  or Teams Programs to keep the skill momentum and confidence going.

SwimVac Programs & Prices

Program $*
SwimVac/Lesson $

*Bookings open 21 days in advance of the start date of each programs.

*Make-Up Vouchers can be used to book SwimVac classes, visit your account to redeem your vouchers.

*Program dates may differ at some schools, please visit your account to view the timetable.

Yet to Experience SwimVac? Here’s What You Need to Know

Below you’ll find answers to the questions our swimming teachers get asked the most about our school holiday swimming programs. If you can’t find your question, please send it over to our team, and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

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What is SwimVac?

SwimVac is our school holiday program that complements our Learn to Swim – 400 Gold and Teams Programs and is available for children aged four years+.

When does SwimVac take place?

SwimVac takes place during the school holidays and is delivered in weekly four or five day programs.

Can my child participate in more than one SwimVac program?

Absolutely! SwimVac’s programs are delivered in weekly blocks – your family has the flexibility to enrol in one or more programs.

How much does SwimVac cost?

SwimVac fees are available via our online booking system.

Does my child have to be enrolled in the entire SwimVac program?

Single SwimVac lesson bookings are available; however, they can only be booked 24 hours before the start time directly with your chosen swim school location.

Can State Swim Make-Up Vouchers be used to book SwimVac places?

Yes! Make-Up Vouchers* can be used to book SwimVac classes; visit your account to redeem your vouchers. Please note State Swim’s SwimVac Cancellation Policy is different from our regular class cancellation, see below for more information or contact your nearest State Swim.

*T&C’s apply

What is SwimVac’s Cancellation Policy?

Please note that State Swim’s SwimVac Cancellation Policy differs from our Monthly (Regular) Class Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel your SwimVac booking more than 48 hours before the program starts, you will receive a full refund. All refunds will be returned in the original tender – this includes Make-Up Vouchers. Vouchers will be returned to your account with the original expiry date.
  • If you cancel your SwimVac booking less than 48 hours before the program starts, your booking fees and/or Make-Up Vouchers will be forfeited.
What happens if I use a Make-Up Voucher to book a SwimVac class and I need to cancel?

If you use a Make-Up Voucher to book a SwimVac class, the following Cancellation Policy applies:

  • If you cancel your SwimVac booking more than 48 hours before the program starts, your Make-Up Voucher will be returned to your account with its original expiry date.
  • If you cancel your SwimVac booking less than 48 hours before the program starts, your Make-Up Voucher will be forfeited.
How do I cancel my SwimVac booking?

To cancel your SwimVac place, please contact the State Swim school your booking is with for assistance.

Can I use my Make-Up Vouchers to book my SwimVac place when I do not have an active booking on a monthly-payment option?

To use your Make-up Vouchers to book your SwimVac Program you must have an active, regular monthly booking.

Can I drop my child off at SwimVac, go and get a coffee and come back?

All swimmers are required to be accompanied by one caregiver into our swim schools. The designated caregiver is required to remain on the premises throughout the swimming class. All State Swim schools have spectator seating.

Have a question about our SwimVac Programs?

Our team is always available to answer your questions. Get in touch now!

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