Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions. For further information, please contact our Teaching Team now and we will assist you in anyway we can. For more information regarding class specific questions, please visit your preferred class page and scroll to the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Will it Take My Child to Learn to Swim?

This depends on your understanding of ‘learning to swim’. For us, learning to swim means swimming 400 metres of freestyle with good technique before they leave primary school, and our program is designed to take children from complete beginners to this stage.

Are Your Pools Indoor & Heated?

Yes they are, all our swimming schools are modern, indoor and heated to 32 degrees to make it comfortable and keep our kids happy and focused on learning.

Do Your Swimming Programs Run by Term?

Our swimming programs run all year round because for a child to achieve results they should be regularly enrolled in swimming lessons. Most children take swimming lessons once a week and our grading system allows staff to monitor your child’s progress and promote to the next level when they have achieved their current goals.

Do you Award Swimming Certificates?

Yes we do because recognising the child’s efforts is crucial. We have a full series of Merit Awards and Class Graduation Certificates. We also recommend that when your child receives an award you make them feel special to help develop their confidence and progression.

What is Your Payment Structure?

We have a variety of options so we can be as flexible as possible for our customers.

This option offers benefits including, permanent booking for your preferred day and time, pay only once per month and receive a makeup voucher if you are unable to attend a swimming lesson.

If you can’t come to swimming lessons at a regular time each week or would like to try us for the first time this option may suit you. Simply contact your local school and see if they have a spot available at a convenient time. When using casual payment you do not have a permanent spot.

When & How Often are Swimmers Assessed?

As our swimming program is ongoing, swimmers are constantly being evaluated by our instructors. As soon as they are ready for the next level they will be reviewed by the lesson Supervisor. If they are ready, they will be awarded a certificate that day and be in the next stage the following week. This gives swimmers the time they need to master the skills and make sure they do not stay in a class they have outgrown.

How will my swimmer’s progress be assessed?

While other swimming schools run age-based classes with only one opportunity a term to progress, we assess swimmers continuously. This means on-deck supervisors monitor swimmers at every class, so swimmers progress when they’re ready – whether that’s after two weeks or two months. As swimmers advance, they receive Merit Awards and Completion Certificates to celebrate their progress.

What happens if my swimmer attended lessons at another swim school?

We offer free assessments to help place your swimmer in the right class. 

During the 10 minute appointment a State Swim teacher will ask your swimmer to practice a range of skills and strokes to gauge their ability. Following the assessment, the on-deck supervisor will match your swimmer with a class.

Ready to book? View available assessment times.

What dates and times do you run kids swimming classes?

Learning to swim requires weekly lessons, and that’s why our classes run seven days a week, year-round. Use our handy class finder tool to find the most convenient lesson time for your swimmer and your family.

Do you offer Make-Up Vouchers?

We understand life is sometimes hard to plan – especially with children- that’s why with our monthly payment option we offer unlimited Make-Up Vouchers. If you cannot make your class, use your online account to cancel your lesson, and you’ll automatically receive a Make-Up Voucher to rebook. 

Want to know more about our swimmer perks? Visit our lesson price guide.

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