Learn to swim - 400 Gold

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Class Level: 5 of 8

Duration: 30 Min

Class Size: 5 Children per class

Swimmers will work to build stamina and introduce survival backstroke.


What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Introduction to deep water
  • Enhance freestyle and backstroke
  • Introduce survival backstroke kick
  • Working on breathing techniques and stamina

Inside a class

Freestyle swimming off board

Backstroke off the board

Survival Backstroke


  • Monthly + casual pricing. Cancel at any time
  • Flexibility – we swim all year ‘round, seven-days a week.
  • Unlimited Make -Up Vouchers for missed lessons
  • Family discounts
Swimming Program

1 session/week

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Happens in a Sharks Lesson?

Once your child reaches the Sharks level of our 400 Gold program, they are able to put the full stroke together for freestyle and backstroke and are starting to swim these strokes with confidence.

Our Sharks swimming lessons build upon swimmers’ existing abilities in backstroke and freestyle to develop more sophisticated skills in both. An important skill introduced in this level is chain swimming. Chain swimming helps swimmers to build stamina, enabling them to swim greater distances. Survival backstroke is also introduced in the Sharks class.

What Merit Awards Will Swimmers Receive?
  • 15m freestyle with board
What Happens When a Swimmer Graduates Sharks?

Once your child has completed our Sharks level, they will be starting to display a competent technique in freestyle and backstroke and will  be ready to progress to our 100 Bronze.

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