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Our Swimming Programs

"How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?"

A common question we get at State Swim is “How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?” The answer to this question depends on what a persons perception of learning to swim really is. Some parents may feel that being able to ‘dog paddle’ across the pool is sufficient, others will consider being able to swim a few lengths of overarm is acceptable.

At State Swim our philosophy is that children are not considered strong, safe and competent swimmers until they can swim 400 metres of freestyle non stop in good style. For children to enjoy the water throughout their lives, this skill level needs to be achieved as a minimum.

The next thing to consider is “what is the best way for my child to achieve this?”

Our advice is that learning to swim well must become a part of your child’s long-term education. It is not as simple as having ten lessons or a term of lessons and expect to master these difficult skills. BREAKS are important in a child’s development of their aquatic education skills, often when we have short breaks, we develop these skills faster and more effectively. This is what we call EFFICIENT AQUATIC EDUCATION. 

The best way to achieve efficient aquatic education is to swim regularly throughout the year, punctuated with small breaks. Children are unique and their requirements will be different. Breaks should not be so long, as to inhibit the learning curve for each individual.