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Sarah A is the Operations Manager at Clovercrest. She took some time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions: 

1) When did you start working for State Swim? 
In 1990 at Norwood as an Instructor

2) Proudest moment at State Swim? 
Becoming a Franchisee in 2015.

3) Favourite swimming related memory? 
Swimming with dolphins and seals!

4) Why State Swim? 
I started swimming lessons at 7yrs of age at the swimming centre that was to develop into a State Swim swimming school. So to me I've always related swimming lessons to State Swim and here I am with my own centre. How cool is that!

5) Three words to describe your job?
Challenging, Rewarding, Fun

6) Something not many people know about you? 
I love to ride my horse in the forest in my spare time

7) Who would you like to be for a day?
No one, I love my life...I like being me.