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Yes – you read that correctly!  Next time you are leaving to come to swimming lessons, make sure you pack your customer swipe card so you can ‘sail through’ the self check in centre.  If you don’t have a swipe card or you have lost it – let us know and we will organize another one for you.

The process is very simple.  Let your little swimmer scan their card and you will see your child’s name, their current class, lane and their instructor’s name.  Tap your class and touch the ‘check in’ button on the touch screen.  ( It is best the big people do the screen touches, as you will need to check the information that is displayed.

If there are any issues with your account, you will be asked to visit the CSO at the desk before entering the pool deck.

So far we have all been enjoying the ease and speed of the new check in system!  Let us know what you think – after all that is why we have introduced it, as a result of the fantastic feedback you have given us via Survey Monkey and via our team members.

Happy swimming!