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Karen V 

1) When did you start working for State Swim?

I commenced working with State Swim 7 Years ago as an instructor teaching Kindy, Glides and Torpedoes. 

2) Proudest moment at State Swim?

My involvement in the production of the Waterbabies training video's used in State Swims online training program. 

3) Favourite swimming related memory?

My own Children's involvement in the State Swim program has given me the opportunity to be the proud parent many times, but by far Waterbabies was always a special journey.  

4) Why State Swim?

Having worked for over 10 Years in the industry, I take great pleasure in working with the Team at State Swim. I am lucky to work with some very passionate Aquatic Educators, whilst getting to utilise a fantastic program, with proven results.

5) Three words to describe your job?

Energetic, Rewarding, Challenging. 

6) Something not many people know about you?

I am horrible on open water you may never see me on a boat.

7) Who would you like to be for a day?

Mary Poppins- I like the idea of cleaning a room with the click of my fingers!