Back-to-School Swim Skills Checklist: Is Your Child Ready?


The return to school is a great time to assess your child’s swimming progress. Are they ready to take on a new challenge or would a swimming refresher be beneficial? Here’s a breakdown of skills by age group to help you decide:

School-Aged Kids (4+)

Water Confidence

  • Can they tread water independently and float without assistance?
  • Can your child blow bubbles and kick on their back with a kickboard?
  • Can your child kick on their front without a kick board?

Stroke Development

  • Can your child perform basic freestyle?
  • Can your child perform basic backstroke?

Building Endurance

  • Have they reached the 400m goal? – Swim 400m of freestyle, non-stop.

If you answered no to some (or all of them) and your swimmer is aged 4+ years old our Learn To Swim – 400 Gold program is perfect. Use our class finder tool to determine their starting level.

If you answered yes to all of the above keep reading. 👇

Older Children

Beyond the Basics

  • Are they interested in refining technique, building longer distance endurance, or exploring specialised areas like competitive swimming or lifesaving?

Stroke Mastery

  • Are they proficient in several strokes and comfortable with deep-water swimming?

If your swimmer has completed our Learn To Swim – 400 Gold certificate or equivalent they can join our Team (Squads) program to progress technique and reach their fullest potential.

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Ready to get started?

It doesn’t matter if your swimmer is dipping their toe in for the first time or looking to advance their technique and stamina we have a swimming program to suit their needs.

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