Back to School After the Holidays: How Swimming Classes Can Help Your Kids Transition Smoothly

20 January 2022

Returning to school after the holidays - especially in February - can be a challenging transition for children, and let's be honest, for us too.

A new class, school, teacher or even curriculum can cause nerves or anxiety. 

After weeks of no set bedtimes, later wake-ups and flexible mealtimes, prepping for the school routine can feel overwhelming.  

So, as schools in Australia kick off a new year, what can we do to support our children?

Re-establish your family's routine

While postponing rebooking after school activities can be tempting, it's proven kids, and you thrive when familiar routines are maintained

Routines help children feel safe and build healthy habits, while for parents, they help to feel organised and ensure enjoyable activities are part of your family's weekly diary.

If your children were attending swimming lessons on a Tuesday after school or learning piano on Thursday afternoons, recommencing these classes can help your child adjust to the new term faster.

Returning to swimming lessons? Take the pressure off

If your family took a break from swimming classes over the holidays, it's expected you might be concerned your child has forgotten some of their skills; experts recommend taking it slow.

"Remind your child that swimming classes are about having fun!" explains State Swim swimming teacher, Renee Moran.

"Your teacher will be aware if your child has taken a break and will focus on checking in to see where they're at. Reviewing skills is an essential element of learning to swim, and that's why you'll see teachers asking swimmers to practice techniques from their most recent lessons."

Tips for parents to help prepare for returning to swimming lessons 

Use these pointers to help you and your children’s swimming lessons go smoothly: 

  • Create a swimming lesson checklist  

Top tip:Being organised will help your family have a positive return to lessons. One way to keep everyone on track is to create and display aGetting Ready for Swimming Lesson Checklist in each of your children’s rooms.  

  • Try on swimsuitsand goggles 

Top tip:Growth spurts are frequent in kids. So, before you find your family back on the pool deck, get your child to try on their swimsuit and goggles to make sure they're still a good fit.

  • Get excited

Top tip:Help your child look forward to restarting swimming classes; children model your mood after all. A simple way to do this is to each say one thing you're excited about – for example, you could say watching your child having fun with their swimming teacher.

3 tips for preparing to return to swimming classes

After-school activities help children reconnect

Returning to classroom learning after the holidays is an adjustment for most children. Extracurricular activities can help your child reconnect to the school routine faster by giving them a fun activity to look forward to after school as well as help keep them active.

Reactivate your child's swimming lesson booking

Need help booking your family's swimming classes?

Ask us about our trusted eight-stage, Learn to Swim - 400 Gold Program that has been helping grow stronger, safer swimmers for more than 50 years. Or, explore our Teams Program, where Learn to Swim graduates take it to the next level.

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