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State Swim has been successfully teaching generations of children and adults the important and enjoyable skill of swimming. Our swimming lessons cater for babies to adults, it's never too early or late to learn to swim. Drop in, ring or email Emma and her staff for all your swimming lesson needs. We look forward to meeting you.

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OPERATIONS MANAGER Butler Swimming School

Emma H is the Operations Manager:

1) When did you start working for State Swim?
I started at State Swim in February 2008 as a Swimming Teacher, teaching mainly Waterbabies and Kindy.

2) Proudest moment at State Swim?
Proudest moment is becoming part of the management team, as well as many years ago when I was teaching Kindy a little boy named Tahj sticks in my mind. He was very difficult to teach, very strong willed, very nervous, and scared, the moment I could actually get him swimming off his floaties was priceless! I remember his face and his mother's ecstatic expression and the sense of accomplishment Tahj had. Most rewarding experience ever!! 

3) Favourite swimming related memory?
Snorkelling off the Gilli islands in Indonesia, it was beautiful and so serene and a completely different world under the water! It was like Finding Nemo.

4) Why State Swim?
My kids first drew me to State Swim. Before I worked here I had tried several different swim schools for my kids swimming lessons with not much satisfaction a friend actually recommended that I try State Swim and haven't looked back since, both my kids started in Kindy. Then due to a back injury, I was forced into a career change from being a Chef, after being told by doctors that a career change was a must. Doing my rehab and physio in the pool and thinking this is the best place for me to be in the water so I went off and did my course and here I am now. It was important to me to work for an establishment that had the same core values as I did, and looking at my own experience with my own kids with different swim schools, State Swim was head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion. It was something I wanted to be part of and it is something I am proud of now. It was the best decision I ever made!

5) Three words to describe your job?
Rewarding, Satisfying and Purposeful.

6) Something not many people know about you?
I think most people here know me well! I'm not too sure what they don't know about me, I enjoy boxing and long runs, it helps me plan my days and gives me that 'me time'.

7) Who would you like to be for a day?
I would like to be maybe the Dalai Lama as I think that in today's society we are sometimes materialistic and we forget about the simple things in life and what's really important to us. I think it is important to be tolerant and compassionate.

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