Sharks is the fifth stage in the 400 Gold Program

Max 5 pupils per class / Duration 30 minutes

By the time swimmers reach the Sharks class they have put the full stroke together for both freestyle and backstroke and are starting to swim with confidence in both these strokes. However, there is still a lot for swimmers to learn to further develop these strokes. The Sharks swimming lessons continue to refine and develop more sophisticated skills in freestyle and backstroke and is the first time kids will be swimming at the ‘other end’ of the pool and in a longer lane space.

Another important skill that is taught in this class is chain swimming. The continual movement of swimmers through chain swimming helps them build stamina to achieve greater distances.

Survival backstroke is also introduced in the Sharks Class.

Swimmers by the end of this class are starting to display beautiful technique in freestyle and backstroke and are ready to go up to 100 Bronze.


  • Introduction to deep water
  • Develop Freestyle and Backstroke technique
  • Introduce Survival Backstroke kick
  • Working on breathing techniques and stamina