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Stroke Development

Class Level: Intermediate

Duration: 60 Min

For swimmers who know how to swim but would like to improve or refine their strokes.


What Skills Will Swimmers Learn?

  • Introduction to breaststroke
  • Refine freestyle and backstroke
  • Introduction to butterfly (at swimmer’s request)


  • Monthly + casual pricing. Cancel at any time
  • Flexibility – we swim all year ‘round, seven-days a week.
  • Unlimited Make -Up Vouchers for missed lessons
  • Family discounts
Adults - Learn To Swim

Monthly / Per Lesson

$97.05 / $22.40
Adults - Stroke Development

Monthly / Per Lesson

$97.05 / $22.40
Adults - Swim For Fitness

Monthly / Per Lesson

$90.00 / $20.77

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Happens in an Adults Stroke Development Class?

This class is for adult swimmers who know how to swim but would like to improve or refine their strokes. If you learned to swim as a child, it’s possible you’ve picked up some bad swimming habits over the years or struggle with a stroke you may not have learned the correct technique for originally. 

Stroke development classes would suit an adult swimmer who may be having difficulty with their breathing technique or would like to learn how to breathe on both sides (called bilateral breathing). Good stroke technique also allows the swimmer to move through the water more easily resulting in making swimming more enjoyable.

What Skills Will Swimmers Achieve?

When swimmers complete the Adults Stroke Development class, they will be able to swim:

  • 100m of freestyle
  • 100m of backstroke
  • 100m of survival backstroke
  • 25m of breaststroke with correct technique
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